Algae Wafers & Root Tabs- Are they essential for a healthy fish tank?

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Two popular choices for tank additives these days are algae wafers and root tabs. We are briefly going to go over both options and their merit for small fish tanks.

1. Root Tabs

Root Tabs are a tablet packed with vitamins. They sink to the bottom of the tank and feed plants roots in the substrate. As the tabs dissolves, they feed and nourish the plants and its roots.

API Root Tabs are a popular and highly rated brand that we recommend in the full article.
Many root tabs take about 1 to 2 weeks to fully perform their function.
Many reputable brands of root tabs don’t harm your fish or other wildlife. Please use as directed.

2. Algae Wafers

Similar to root tabs, algae wafers give the wildlife in your fish tank and added nutrition boost, like an energy drink.

Many times, when you have a shortage of algae in your tank, it is because you have bottom feeders like Plecos or Cordy catfish that are performing too well at their cleanup jobs. These wafers give these little critters an added boost of algae so they remain healthy and fit.

Tetraveggie Algae Wafers are a top brand that we reviewed in our main article on the Betta Fish News Site.

Are they essential?

Are they completely 100% necessary for every fish tank?

Do they serve a specific function that help solve a specific tank deficiency?

In short, yes. Like most additives and aftermarket products, they definitely have their place. If your plant tanks need more nourishment or your bottom feeders need an algae fix, these two products are just the ticket.

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