Betta Temperature shock symptoms- Quick Guide

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2 min readJul 22, 2021

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What is it?

Betta temperature shock happens when your water gets too hot or cold, or when the temperature fluctuates too quickly. There are 2 main ways to handle it- the cold or hot water.

Cold Water Shock

The most common symptoms that your betta has cold water shock are no energy, they dwell at the tank bottom, they get sick and stay sick, and the most severe- slipping into a coma.

Hot Water Shock

This is less common but should be remedied if it happens.
Bettas will breathe more rapidly, stay at the tanks top, and even have more energy if the water is too hot.

Ideal Temperature Ranges:

The best ranges for a betta tank are from 78- 80 Fahrenheit range. They can survive up to 85 F and as cold as 76F.


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This is taken from a more in depth article that can give you a lot of more insight.

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