Black Lava Rock- Safe for fish tanks?

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Thanks for checking out this quick article on the Black Lava Rock for fish tanks. Here is a quick video to peruse about the subject, thanks for watching!:

Black Lava Rock Aquarium

So the main question is, are black lava rocks safe? The answer is yes. They are becoming a really popular addition to fish tanks as they are widely available, safe, and pretty cheap to buy. They have lots of little holes in them, which aids to the growth of good bacteria in the pores. This is why many are using them as substrate or tank decorations.

African Cichlid Substrate

Probably the most popular use for black lava rock in fish tanks include their addition of african cichlids in the tank. They love the black lava, so the African Cichlid fish is synonymous with the rock.

Lava Rock Aquarium Filter

The main benefit to using the black lava rocks are that they perform as a natural filter for your tank. They can help reduce the load on plant life as filter systems. Black lava rocks, although inert, can help reduce nitrate levels in a natural way. This is why many include them in their tanks. Some even take the black lava rock, break it down a bit, and physically insert them in biological filter mediums. This is an effective and economical way to use the black lava rock meaningfully.

Red Lava Rock

Along with black lava rocks, red lava rocks are another popular choice for fish tanks. As with the black lava rocks, make sure that you thoroughly wash the rocks before use. The best way is to cycle hot water in them when using a 5 gallon pail.

Black Lava Rock: Conclusion

Thanks for reading! We wish you all the best on your fishkeeping journey. We hope that you have learned enough about the black lava rocks to decide if you want to include them in your tank.

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