Detritus Worms- Are they Dangerous to humans?

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Detritus Worms in Aquarium/ Fish Tank

Detritus Worms are the little white worms that can appear in your tank. This can sound gross and disturbing, but it doesn’t have to be. Rather to keep things positive, an outbreak in your fish tank can mean that you need to spend more time and attention to cleaning and maintenance habits. You should clean out your tank more regularly and also look at your filter system as it may be inadequate.

These worms love to feed on waste, etc and they flourish when there are too many of them. They reproduce rapidly, so the largest threat is that they overtake a tank and kill all the wildlife in it.

Detritus Worms: Harmful to Humans?

Lets get down to it. Can these little white worms harm you, your family or loved ones?
The short answer: No. These little critters like to eat waste and algae, not people. However, you should face up to the fact that you should get rid of them because they could overtake your tank if left unchecked.

How to get rid of Detritus Worms

This is the biggest question that we regularly get at Betta Fish News about the pests.

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