Dragon Scale Betta Cheat Sheet.

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2 min readJul 29, 2021

Thanks for checking out this quick cheat sheet that outlines the Dragon Scale Betta. Here is a quick video to peruse:

Dragon Scale Betta

These bettas are called dragon scale because they have thick scales all over their body that can resemble the old school armor of the past called dragon scales. This makes for a really cool and interesting betta fish type.

Dragon Scale Betta Fish

They often get confused with another betta concoction called “Metallic betta” The metallics might have some or most of the aspects that make a dragon scale legit. This includes scales that can grow over its face, thick, large white scales, and also it not affecting its fins. For more info check our our full guide on the Betta News Club site.

Dragon Scale Betta Male

The dragon scale betta male is typically larger and more bright in color than the female variety. NEVER place 2 males together in the same tank, as they will fight it out until one betta is dead.

Dragon Scale Betta Female

The female dragon scale is smaller and duller in its appearance than the males. They can live in groups of other females in small sororities. Usually a male can also be included.

Dragonscale Betta: Conclusion

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This is taken from a more in-depth article that can give you a lot of more insight on this subject. Please visit our site to download your free Dragon Scale Betta PDF Guide:


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