Find out why Pet Shrimp love Alder Cones & Cholla Wood so much!

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Many Shrimp Tank Keepers know the value of Alder Cones and Cholla Wood when they add these to their shrimp tanks.
This is a quick recap article that is taken from our two larger review articles on Cholla Wood and Alder Cones. Please see the links below for the full article links.

What is Cholla Wood?

This interesting form of wood comes from the cholla plant, basically a skeleton when the plant dies. It has small holes through the middle that shrimp love to hide in and make a little nest in. They also like to eat the biofilm that is on the cholla wood surface.

Cholla Wood in Aquarium

Cholla wood are great for shrimp tanks as they float to the bottom and create a substrate for shrimp to hide in. The shrimp also feed on it, so its a symbiotic relationship.

Alder Cones/Alder Cones For Shrimp

Alder cones are the cones from Black Alder tree. They have therapeutic properties because of the strong levels of tannins or humins.

Like Cholla wood, the tannins in alder cones provide the shrimp with valuable nutrients. These alder cones contain medicine or botanicals like leaf litter or Indian Almond leaves.
Another positive by product is that these cone lower the waters PH levels. This helps plants to grow, thus keeping our shrimp friends even happier.

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