Funny Fish: Check the top 3 Crazy Fish names!

1) Slippery Dick

Yeah this is a doozy. Its a popular fish in the reefs in the southern pacific oceans. They are slippery because they are along and thin and hard to catch after you have already caught them. They are a color changing breed from young to adult and they love to sleep.

2) Royal Gramma

The Gramma Loreto is a native Caribbean fish that is only 3 inches long.
What it lacks in size it makes up for in amazing colors- like purple and yellow- hence the “royal” in its name. Its also called the fairy basslet. Yeah its a two-for-one on the outrageous names.

3) Queen Triggerfish

This one is also called the old wife, but we thought the queen triggerfish was more respectful. Also called its real name the Balistes vetula, this fish is great eating and even used in south america for its medicinal properties.


Thanks for reading! We wish you all the best on your fishkeeping journey.
This is taken from a more in depth article that can give you a lot of more insight.



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