Popeye Fish-How to identify and get rid of it in bettas.

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Popeye fish

Thanks for checking out this quick article on the Popeye Disease treatment for bettas. Here is a quick video to peruse about the subject, thanks for watching!:

Popeye fish disease

“Popeye”, as it is commonly known as, is officially known as exophthalmia.
It happens when one or two of your fish (or multiple fish) have a eye condition that causes it to swell, balloon up and change color. They could be red, clear or cloudy. These are the easiest ways to see it and diagnose it.
It is often caused by bacteria, parasites or fungus.

It is a good idea to make sure that it is indeed it is a disease and the eye affliction didn’t happen from a fish fight, or your fish bumping into something.

Popeye fish disease treatment

It is important to make sure that you find out which of your pets is affected. If you only have one fish, its a lot easier.

If not, then its important to quarantine the affected fish. Change the water of the fish tank. Look for some antibacterial additives. Make sure you are feeding your fish the best, highest quality flakes and pellets possible. Test your waters Ph Levels. Make sure the water temperature is between 76 and 82 F. The better and healthier the water, the quicker the recovery can be.

Popeye fish treatment: Conclusion

The key things are to quarantine, observe, change and test water, and feed your fish the best food and medicine possible.

Thanks for reading! We hoped you enjoyed this little primer on Popeye fish disease in bettas.

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