Rosetail Betta: A Good Beginner Fish?

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Thanks for checking out this quick article on the Rosetail Betta.
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Rosetail Betta Fish

The rosetail betta fish gets its name from its tail, a rendition of the halfmoon betta. It was bred in the 90s by a famous betta breeding team (Rajiv Masillamoni and Laurent Chernot). They used betta genes to breed the fins into an over 180 degree effect. The result was an amazing betta tail fin that actually looks like a rose.

To answer the question: Are they good for beginners? Short answer is no. As they are a fish with all fins, these fins end up being a nuisance to the fish as it gets older. This can lead to feeding issues, breathing problems, and even the fish resorting to biting itself in an attempt to lighten their load, as it were. As they are a genetic abnormality, they were not meant to haul around all the fin weight. This causes them stress, which can shorten their lifespan.

So when they age, the end up paying the price for their lovely rosetail fins and tail.

Halfmoon Rosetail Betta

It wasn’t a huge hit at first, believe it or not, as it was a weaker type of halfmoon bettas. In general, these bettas are less strong and healthy than other breeds. They made their debut in the early nineties as a blonde diamond halfmoon at a national conference. It caught on eventually, so that it is widely available today.

Rose Petal Betta

Rosetail bettas are also called a few other names, like rose petal bettas and rosetails. You gotta admit, they do have some really cool names.

Feathertail Betta

Feathertail Betta is another alias that you can use to describe the rosetail betta.

Rosetail Betta: Conclusion

Thanks for reading! As you can tell, it is pretty tough to keep these rosetail bettas, and they don’t make the best choice for beginners. The fins start out quite nice, but can be a burden on your fish in later years, making them harder to keep.

For more information on the Rosetail Betta, including how to care for it, please check out our full article:

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