Should I freak out if I find Mystery snail eggs in my tank?

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Freshwater Snail Eggs

It can be a bit daunting to look in your tank and see eggs inside, especially when you didnt install them. This can happen to even the most seasoned tank keeper. The most common reason is that these snails lay eggs in plants or decorations that piggyback into your tank. So what should you do? Freak out?

Blue Mystery Snail

The blue mystery snail is a super beautiful, popular breed of freshwater snail. They are also amongst the largest snails out there. They are called this as they have nice blue shell.

Mystery Snail Eggs

Mystery snails like to lay eggs on the glass sides of the tank. They are a hardy, peaceful, friendly breed that are also amazing tank cleaners. They will eat the waste and algae out of the tanks in an effective way.

Pomacea bridgesii

Pomacea bridgesii is the scientific name of the Mystery Snail. They come from the Ampullariidae family. The Mystery snail comes in some common colors like:
Golden Mystery Snail
Blue Mystery Snail
Black Mystery Snail,
Ivory White Mystery Snail
Albino Mystery Snail.

Snail Eggs: Conclusion

Thanks for reading! So should you freak out when it comes to snail eggs in your tank?

The answer is No!! To find out what options that you have when you find snail eggs in your tank please check out our full article:

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