Top 5 Betta Questions Answered!

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2 min readJul 28, 2021

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1) Do Betta fish have Teeth?

Yes, and they use them well. They are strong for such little guys. They can and will bite you, but their bite wont hurt. They will bite for protection, to check things out, or just because they feel like it.

2) Can Betta fish Live with Goldfish?

No way Jose. They wont get along, and both will suffer. The betta like warm water, the goldfish likes cold. They are as different as day and night. And they will probably fight with each other. Pass on this relationship.

5) Do Bettas Eat Snails?

Yes, they will eat most everything that they can fit in their mouths, including small snails. If you want to keep snails in the betta tank, then make sure they are large snails.

4)Why is my Betta fish turning white?

Unless its supposed to be white, this is bad sign. This is caused by illness (anchor worms, fin rot, ich or columnaris), increased age and stress. The best thing is to take a time out and re-evaluate the health and cleanliness of your tank and your pets diet.

5) Can Bettas eat goldfish food?

Yes, they can, but they shouldnt too much. Bettas like high protein food to make sure they are healthy. Goldfish food is low protein and high carbs. Its the wrong fit. It could work in a pinch, though! (Fish Joke!)


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