Top 6 Best Plants for Betta Fish Tanks

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2 min readJun 17, 2021


Its no surprise that Betta Fish love plants in their tank. Along with helping to filter the water naturally, plants can also provide needed hiding places for the bettas. This is a short list of the 5 best plant choices for Betta Fish tanks. For more comprehensive articles, please click the links below:

  1. Weeping Moss
    Along with weeping moss, this article also shows how Taiwan Moss, Stringy Moss and Peacock Moss are also great choices. These mosses really compliment a good Betta tank and are very easy to care for.
    For more details, please check out:

2. Christmas Moss
This is similar to Weeping moss, but it has a brighter green color and likes warmer temperatures. Always a fun choice for plants, please check it out in more detail here:

3. Guppy Grass
As you can tell by the name, this plant is favored by Guppy fish enthusiasts. The big secret is Bettas also love this hardy grass.
Check out why this is our top three choice here:

4. Dwarf Water Lettuce
This is a very cool and vibrant plant that grows at a very fast pace. Find out why this might be a great addition to your fish tank in this review article:

5. Staurogyne Repens
Many love this low growing and lush green plant as its easy to grow and very forgiving. Find out why Bettas also love it too:

6. Amazon Frogbit
Also known as a lily pad, the Amazon Frogbit is a really neat choice to add some top foilage to your betta tanks. Find out how to care for it here:

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